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Cartridge Type Seal

Cartridge Type Seal

STS-95 Cartridge type mechanical seals are very easy to replace and gives maximum reliability. It is durable and made from hardwearing material which prevent the downtime and prolong the lifetime of the seal. All axial movement has been eliminated, preventing wear of the shaft and the rubber parts. There is no special tool required to replace the seal or dismantling the pump. With t a custom built pump solution from Cartridge, your pump is capable of handling even higher pressures, more aggressive liquids, excessive liquid temperature etc.

  • Materials
  • Operating Limit
  • Salient Features

  • Hardware : SS 304 / SS 316
    Seal Ring : Carbon / SIC
    Mating Ring : SIC / TC / Carbon / Special Cast
    Secondary Seal : PTFE / EPDM / Nitrite / Neoprene / Silicon / FKM

  • Pressure : Upto 20kg/cm 2
    Temperature : -200°C to 180°C (Depending on elastometer)
    Speed : 3000 RPM

  • • lt gives long and reliable seal life
    • Easy to install without any tool
    • Can handle high pressure and excessive liquid temperature.