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Multi Spring Type Seal

Multi Spring Type Seal

STS-75 Incorporate secondary seals that move axially along a shaft or sleeve to maintain contact at the seal faces. The seal faces are loosely inserted and can be easily ex-changed. The rotary face is shrink fitted in metal shell thereby giving additional advantage of offering both hard faces. Springs are fully immersed in the process fluid, hence do not get clogged because of the centrifugal forces.

  • Materials
  • Operating Limit
  • Salient Features

  • Hardware : SS316 / Alloy 20 / Hastelloy C
    Seal Ring : SiC / TC
    Mating Ring : SiC / TC / Carbon
    Secondary Seal : PTFE / FEP / TTV / Chemraz / Karlez / FKM

  • Pressure : Upto 25 bar
    Temperature : -20°C to 280°C (Depending on elastometer)
    Speed : 4500 RPM

  • • lt enables handling of the abrasives and corrosive liquids.
    • It can beeasilyinstall bynon-skilled person.
    • lt provides excellent sealing performance and extend seal life.