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Teflon Bellow Unbalanced Seal

Teflon Bellow Unbalanced Seal

STS-71 Seal are externally mounted Teflon bellow seal. It is mainly use to handle at corrosive media. Because the design of this seal elements the contact between metal parts of the seal and corrosive liquid which it handles. The seal contain PTFA+GFT composite bellows which is hydraulically balanced and is machined with high precision to form the prescribed contour.

  • Materials
  • Operating Limit
  • Salient Features

  • Hardware : PTFE+GFT Composite
    Seal Ring : GFT / CFT / SiC
    Mating Ring : Ceramic / Sic
    Secondary Seal : PTFE + GET

  • Pressure : Upto 5.9 kg/cm2
    Temperature : -45°C to 120°C
    Speed : 3500 RPM

  • • Such type of seal does not affect on shaft or any other damage.
    • No dynamic elastometer
    • Low maintenance
    • lt has replaceable faces.